Minimum Order / Policies


 Welcome to Wholesale Doll Clothes


Minimum orders will be $100 effective midnight 1/1/2019

We will no longer accept any order lower than $100 due to rising cost in employees. 

All items will be going to 4 per item from 3 per item. 

Glasses will be 12 of each item.

Shoes will be 4 of each item.

Any deviations on this and we will just cross off the item on your order. 


Store owners will be getting 4 free shipping events during the year. 

Free shipping will be an incentive to brick and mortar stores only during these events. 


Any tag cutting or altering of items will result in suspension of account. 

All Ebay listings must list "My Brittany's" as the manufacturer. 


Any questions?

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